on the transmigration of souls

i have a habit of writing out blog titles with no concept for their development. on some level, i must feel that the words i select will form a whole greater than themselves, and so unify the post into some coherent message from my heart to yours. …right.

this title is a rip off of the john adams symphonic poem by the same title. he wrote it as a reflection on the 2001 attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. transmigration is defined as ‘the passing of a soul into another body after death’, thus making the title redundant and problematic. petty analysis aside, the title itself is beautiful and sparked thought in me on the interaction of souls in this life.

thoughts commence – etymologically so
root: migration
i’ve recently become involved with another soul of which i cannot seem to get enough. i feel their energy everywhere and in their presence my soul actively tries to jump out of my body to join theirs. this phenomenon begs a thousand questions and hours of wonderment. metaphorically, i wonder if souls are magnetic or if bodies are merely containers. are we inclined to migrate during this life? in my experience, my soul often acts as a free agent, slipping into the bodies of others without asking me first. it is so rare and beautiful to know this feeling.

prefix: trans-
if you’ve read any of this blog, you have found that the thread tying it all together is one man’s humble journey from female to male (to infinity and beyond!). thinking about the transgender soul can bring the soundest mind to panic. not that i possess this soundest mind, but panic i have. what does it mean for a soul to occupy a body that complicates social expectations? for me, coming to the realization that i am male-identified forced me to examine what ‘my soul’ really means. or rather, what makes me ‘me’? i’ve discussed the concept of the core-self in previous posts but it’s always worth mentioning. the components of ‘me’ that matter – the big-hearted, giving, friendly, socially responsible [etcetera] parts are what make me undeniably me. they are the outward manifestation of my soul, gendering not required.

transmigration may be a fitting linguistic tribute to lives past but i choose to use it as inspiration for my present life. the complex, migratory soul that occupies the body is as beautiful to me as music. may our souls one day dance together in this magical world we call home.


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