vignette: coming out day

When you mis-gender me it kills me. I know that you are trying but do you realize what’s at stake? Every ‘she’ that leaves your lips betrays me to my classmates. Your blend of pronouns confuses them and tells them that I am ‘less than’. It lets them think that I’m not a real man.

And so I shut down. Your successes rush me up a rollercoaster that crashes when you forget. Sometimes it is so unpredictable that the whole scene is humorous. Sometimes it hurts. This is one of these times.

Today is National Coming Out Day and it reminds me that sometimes I am still in hiding. I let people get away with using incorrect pronouns and I don’t always assert myself when I don’t quite pass. (I hate that word – pass.) I am transgender because I feel it all the way down to my bones. I am male. I, like you, am only human. Sometimes it hurts.

2 Responses to “vignette: coming out day”
  1. mizztcasa says:

    I apologize for all my “misgenderings.” I always felt bad when I called you she by mistake, even when you were genderqueer. I sensed that you were male. Yet, I still stumbled. I don’t why us mortals do this to our trans friends – out them. I hope that you will not experience unwanted outings in your life as time passes.

    T. Casa

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