Three Weeks of T

Oh joyous, testosterone! Our budding relationship is such a gem in my life – even if I did take last weeks injection far too slowly to avoid a nice little bruise on my thigh. I’m not that sentimental.

Physical update: not much to report. I keep having dreams where I fall asleep and wake up with a full spread of facial hair. This morning I did wake up to find a patch of leg hair filling in the otherwise bizarre growth patterns on my calves. Success! I continue to ‘wishful thinking’ shave in the hopes that I will both pacify myself and encourage thicker growth when such a beard wishes to start coming in. The blond fuzz just doesn’t cut it for me; I want to be a mountain man! That said, hormones are not magic. I will end up with the body I have. Until then, I will enjoy looking like a classical heroic nude and idealized youth (of the not-so-cut and transgender variety).

Mental update: I’m getting used to this extra energy and hornyness. The sex-obsessed brain was really only a terrible struggle for the first couple of days. It’s still an amusing reality but it’s definitely under control – last weekend’s make out and grinding session notwithstanding.

Spiritual update: Every day I get to know my heart a little bit better. I am learning that my friends are the most amazing people in the universe. (They could totally beat up your friends πŸ™‚ I have found that these legs were made for dancing and that staying out until 3am is practically my duty as a twenty-something. I am continually amazed at the boundless love I have in my heart for all the people who have touched my life in beautiful and unique ways. Always, I am growing. Always, I am learning.


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