In my daily shower today I marveled over my changing body. I thought I’d share.

I chose not to write much about the physical effects of hormone therapy because I enjoy them as private milestones. Outside opinion also led me to believe that not everyone cares, though I assume the contrary from my blog readers. I have now been on testosterone for 11 weeks. My how time flies.

Skin: it’s acne city, folks. The nice thing about being an adult and having acne is that it does not signify the end of the world. I just fully realized how pimply my neck is but I’m still out in public. Take that, teenaged Elias. One thing about having a lot of acne when trans is that it usually is the harbinger of facial hair. This makes zits livable, if not exciting. I hold onto that one real tight.

Hair: I haven’t notice my hairline changing yet (it will recede) but my body is hairier. My stomach got very hairy very quickly and my back, legs and arms are following in hot pursuit. I had an awkward half-blonde mustache for a second but I have decided to shave regularly to encourage the hair to grow in darker and thicker. This was the logic used in favor of shaving less as a girl – does this translate like I think/ hope it does?

Muscle: I’m noticing some shifting in muscle definition. My shoulders are popping thanks for this and working out. I’m also noticing those super sexy man abdomen muscles peeking through. I’m definitely stronger and I only really ever work out using a resistance band and sit-ups/ push-ups. Exciting either way.

Voice: I’m a regular James Earl Jones. I can’t tell if it’s allergies, but I believe my voice is about to drop some more. I said something to a friend the other day and we were both surprised at what came out. My upper range is vanishing so I’m refocusing my vocal exercises to try and woo it back. That said, I’m becoming a lay-master of the lead male arias from Porgy and Bess.

Society tells me to blush over the public discourse of ‘private parts’ but I will mention here that they have changed too. Do some googling to figure this one out.

That’s the quick and dirty account of the past two-plus months of my life. Being on T feels natural to me. I’m glad I followed my heart into this decision. (Now to figure out how to tell my parents…)

One Response to “Ch-ch-changes”
  1. Madonna says:

    I meant to tell you tonight, but forgot…your voice is very nice!!! I like.

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