Evolution: Summer 2011

I realize I have been passively subverting the rhythm I worked so hard to build into this blog. As it transitions from weekly to… sporadically, I hope you will stay with me. While I recognize that this blog is my space to paint my experiences into being, I understand that it has served as a resource for many folks running into trans issues for the very first time. I thank you for your support and hope to bring you more of the stories for which you have applauded me in the not-so-distant past.

It almost feels like I was handed a giant box of hats when I received my diploma. I walked across the stage to fulfill a carefully crafted moment with the president of the college and smiled for the camera. My chosen name flashed across the big screens and boomed through the loud speaker. My fake diploma was slid into my hand and I was thrown out into the world. Go get ’em, tiger. In many ways, my first post-collegiate summer resembles the experience of a traditional college student. I cast my nets widely and erred boldly. I have a new arsenal of tales for telling, though some are better recalled by my friends than me. I made beautiful connections with the earth and humanity. I let myself heal. I learned a thing or two.

But here on the other side of Summer 2011, I wonder what is it that I really learned? In my previous post I discussed my trial period of a gay man’s life. From that I forged a handful of amazing friendships and bounced back from the extremely flamboyant caricature of myself to a place of balance. (Ish.) My queer identity rose to stand on its shaking legs a little bit stronger. My strength opened my heart to let beautiful souls dance with mine and added a chapter to my life story each time. Most recently, I found a keeper 🙂

But now the year has begun for you and yours and my professional obligations are challenging me in ways I could not have begun to expect. My life is nobody’s problem but mine. It’s amazing how hard that is to wrap my mind around.

In conclusion, though this seems entirely devoid of one, the collegiate haze is lifting and the only thing that I can see is my feet planted firmly in the soil of an unfamiliar but eternal terrain. Here goes nothing!


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