Day 44 – Commitment

When I was thirteen-years-old, I slumped down on the floor against my bed with my viola on my lap. Dressed in hunter green gym shorts and last year’s District Honor Orchestra t-shirt, I sobbed over my instrument able only to chant “breaking up is hard to do.” I was a pretty serious tween. Tears fell that day because I had convinced myself that guitar, not viola, was for me and the simple act of six-stringed betrayal rocked me to my very core. Our separation lasted about a month, and ten years later, I’m happy to say that the guitar became the other instrument.

I tell you this story in my perennially southern fashion to paint the picture of my early devotion to commitment. For whenever I commit myself to a writing challenge, I shy away from the ‘21-days to make a habit adage’ my middle school orchestra director used to bark at me. Two days seems ample time to name this project as stuck with, I think to myself. But I know that nothing is built in a day. Not even Rome.

I am writing tonight to write. To prove to myself and those twenty one days that anything worth having is worth fighting for. It is the same reason I began practicing again as a full-time professional with little time for his dream to stay true to his first love.



“Day 44 – Commitment” is part of a forty-five post series celebrating CHOP: a Top Surgery Campaign for Elias Gross. Like the writing? Give to CHOP today!


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