Day 41-39: Dear Diary

I’ve spent a good portion the last several nights writing in my journal. This edition, a weathered leather bound volume given to me as a gift and holds only several pages of my deepest thoughts. But it sits faithfully by my bed in the tradition of many before it for my darkest and brightest hours. … Continue reading

“To Testosterone!” And other shenanigans…

So much to update you on, loyal readers! I am now officially ineligible to compete on women’s sports teams. It feel so good 😀 Let’s start with a story. Last Friday, 4 February, I woke up with more enthusiasm than any day in recent memory. The caffeine in my morning cup of tea overwhelmed my … Continue reading

Go Tell It on the Mountain: T-minus One Week

I always felt like nothing. As a child, I dressed like children do. Played the games that children play. Did the things that children do. It was hardly because I was raised to be a ‘girl’. Now, with a week away until having my first appointment to start hormone therapy, I think back to those … Continue reading