I have dedicated myself over the past several nights to beginning an article/ essay on my participation in the burlesque arts as a transman. My art history degree is showing in my obsessive research on the topic. My neurosis in my coffee-addled drafting process. Fucking write already! What I’m finding in my research is that … Continue reading

Day 41-39: Dear Diary

I’ve spent a good portion the last several nights writing in my journal. This edition, a weathered leather bound volume given to me as a gift and holds only several pages of my deepest thoughts. But it sits faithfully by my bed in the tradition of many before it for my darkest and brightest hours. … Continue reading

Day 42: Accuracy in Reporting

In writing yesterday’s post, I thought a lot about the deeply personal nature of the content and why I choose to put such intimate details of my life into print. The connection of my blog to my daily life is no secret and I’m a building what in the vernacular is referred to as a very ‘professional … Continue reading

Day 43: Over it.

Friday night, 9.16 pm, a half-drunk beer and a forgotten tray of snacks, television shows streaming on my desktop as I type. Friends, I may occasionally be stupid, but I am no longer wild and young. I sit to write to fulfill day 43 of my 45 day quest to get serious about writing my … Continue reading

Day 44 – Commitment

When I was thirteen-years-old, I slumped down on the floor against my bed with my viola on my lap. Dressed in hunter green gym shorts and last year’s District Honor Orchestra t-shirt, I sobbed over my instrument able only to chant “breaking up is hard to do.” I was a pretty serious tween. Tears fell … Continue reading

CHOP: 45 Days

Seventy-five days ago I sat at this computer in my office-closet and rolled out my top surgery campaign, CHOP. I spent hours writing and re-writing the script, taking long lunch breaks to hack out a video on imovie and lost several degrees of dignity producing a cover of “Zombie” about “boobies.” I’ve had better moments.  … Continue reading

Good without G_d, gay without G_d, with G_d

Walking home on a recent dreary evening I realized that the conversation I had participated in for the past two hours was the first of its kind in at least a decade. My friends had organized a time to get together young LGBTQ+ people and have a frank conversation about faith. The last public conversation … Continue reading

Sophmoric Slump No More

On November 8, 2011, I reported on this blog that I had received a letter from my parents regarding my name change. They told me if I didn’t change it back, my legal documents would be invalid and that they would never call me by my name. They had a point. But they do call … Continue reading

Evolution: Summer 2011

I realize I have been passively subverting the rhythm I worked so hard to build into this blog. As it transitions from weekly to… sporadically, I hope you will stay with me. While I recognize that this blog is my space to paint my experiences into being, I understand that it has served as a … Continue reading

Revisionist History: On Passing and Pretending

There was the time that the bike salesman told me “these CO2 canisters are just like the ones you used as a kid to make those pine boxcars. You remember from shop class?” And there was the time that my date asked me if my parents made me do a lot of macho things as … Continue reading