Evolution: Summer 2011

I realize I have been passively subverting the rhythm I worked so hard to build into this blog. As it transitions from weekly to… sporadically, I hope you will stay with me. While I recognize that this blog is my space to paint my experiences into being, I understand that it has served as a … Continue reading

Revisionist History: On Passing and Pretending

There was the time that the bike salesman told me “these CO2 canisters are just like the ones you used as a kid to make those pine boxcars. You remember from shop class?” And there was the time that my date asked me if my parents made me do a lot of macho things as … Continue reading

Hello, old friends

Between two incredibly long show runs, moving, and general life shenanigans, I have neglected this blog that means so much to me. I wondered if perhaps it had run it’s course. Not that my trans narrative will ever end, but perhaps this chapter of my writing had drawn to a close. Recently, a dear new … Continue reading

As we go on, we remember…

Aaand we’re back! Spring semester ended in a glorious sparkle of mortar board hats and streamer canons. For me, this folded into summer session 1, the blessing of a having an avoidant personality and a distaste for math. I wrote yesterday in my calendar that my real life starts after class ends on June 21. … Continue reading

That Thing You Do: T!

This weekend saw the four-month mark of my blossoming love affair with testosterone. I know I wrote more about this when I first began hormone therapy so I would like to take the chance now to share more. Four months ago I spent the afternoon with one best friend in the doctor’s office and the … Continue reading

“Knowing that We’re Conservative Christians…”

Dear Kiddo, Knowing we’re conservative Christians, why would you think we would approve of your sexual identity changes? It’s very unsettling to us and is causing us a lot of emotional pain. We beg you not to go forward with this chemical therapy! You don’t know yet how different things will be for you in … Continue reading

Balls to the Wall

Hi Mom, It only took so long [to receive the insurance information] because, in an attempt to honor my name they changed my legal name in the system and billed it out accordingly. All that I submitted were one round of blood tests and an appointment. I got the blood tests done to check and … Continue reading

Puttin’ on the Ritz

While lip-synching to Rufus Wainwright tunes is really no longer drag, I did enjoy myself at Gayla last night. Gayla, the year-end annual banquet thrown by the LGBTQ center at the University of Kentucky is a glittery mess of beautiful souls, spotlights and strategically placed duct tape. This was my last Gayla and despite being … Continue reading


In my daily shower today I marveled over my changing body. I thought I’d share. I chose not to write much about the physical effects of hormone therapy because I enjoy them as private milestones. Outside opinion also led me to believe that not everyone cares, though I assume the contrary from my blog readers. … Continue reading

In Dreams: My Reality

It’s that time again, folks. The time we know and love as crunch time. But this crunch time is different for me. On the other side lays a diploma 🙂 Regular posts will resume shortly thereafter. ——- I have spent weeks abusing my body with almost-all-nighters and caffeine infusions. After a day of falling asleep … Continue reading