I have dedicated myself over the past several nights to beginning an article/ essay on my participation in the burlesque arts as a transman. My art history degree is showing in my obsessive research on the topic. My neurosis in my coffee-addled drafting process. Fucking write already! What I’m finding in my research is that … Continue reading

Day 42: Accuracy in Reporting

In writing yesterday’s post, I thought a lot about the deeply personal nature of the content and why I choose to put such intimate details of my life into print. The connection of my blog to my daily life is no secret and I’m a building what in the vernacular is referred to as a very ‘professional … Continue reading

CHOP: 45 Days

Seventy-five days ago I sat at this computer in my office-closet and rolled out my top surgery campaign, CHOP. I spent hours writing and re-writing the script, taking long lunch breaks to hack out a video on imovie and lost several degrees of dignity producing a cover of “Zombie” about “boobies.” I’ve had better moments.  … Continue reading

Caution (and Celebration): Allies in Training

I pulled over to answer three different phone calls on my bike the other night. One was the end of a game of phone tag played to arrange the day of solidarity for the recent victims of LGBTQ bullying. One was non sequitur. The last was a friend from my studio who I had seen … Continue reading