• Native Son: The Man, The Blog

    This is the personal story of born-again Kentuckian, I, E.A. Irving. This blog was created to document my transition from female-to-son of the bluegrass. It has become much more since its creation but has held true to its mission of starting conversation about gender, transgender issues, and society at large. Read on and join in on the conversation.

    As this blog also catapulted me into the world of freelance writing, please check-out my essays!

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I have dedicated myself over the past several nights to beginning an article/ essay on my participation in the burlesque arts as a transman. My art history degree is showing in my obsessive research on the topic. My neurosis in my coffee-addled drafting process. Fucking write already! What I’m finding in my research is that … Continue reading

Day 41-39: Dear Diary

I’ve spent a good portion the last several nights writing in my journal. This edition, a weathered leather bound volume given to me as a gift and holds only several pages of my deepest thoughts. But it sits faithfully by my bed in the tradition of many before it for my darkest and brightest hours. … Continue reading

Day 42: Accuracy in Reporting

In writing yesterday’s post, I thought a lot about the deeply personal nature of the content and why I choose to put such intimate details of my life into print. The connection of my blog to my daily life is no secret and I’m a building what in the vernacular is referred to as a very ‘professional … Continue reading

Day 43: Over it.

Friday night, 9.16 pm, a half-drunk beer and a forgotten tray of snacks, television shows streaming on my desktop as I type. Friends, I may occasionally be stupid, but I am no longer wild and young. I sit to write to fulfill day 43 of my 45 day quest to get serious about writing my … Continue reading

Day 44 – Commitment

When I was thirteen-years-old, I slumped down on the floor against my bed with my viola on my lap. Dressed in hunter green gym shorts and last year’s District Honor Orchestra t-shirt, I sobbed over my instrument able only to chant “breaking up is hard to do.” I was a pretty serious tween. Tears fell … Continue reading

CHOP: 45 Days

Seventy-five days ago I sat at this computer in my office-closet and rolled out my top surgery campaign, CHOP. I spent hours writing and re-writing the script, taking long lunch breaks to hack out a video on imovie and lost several degrees of dignity producing a cover of “Zombie” about “boobies.” I’ve had better moments.  … Continue reading

Good without G_d, gay without G_d, with G_d

Walking home on a recent dreary evening I realized that the conversation I had participated in for the past two hours was the first of its kind in at least a decade. My friends had organized a time to get together young LGBTQ+ people and have a frank conversation about faith. The last public conversation … Continue reading


In sorting through the thoughts in my head as my eyes close for the evening a vision of the future dances through my mind. You see, my beard is finally growing in in a predictable pattern and the thought of growing a full mountain man beard intoxicates me. In this thought I catch the flash … Continue reading

Sophmoric Slump No More

On November 8, 2011, I reported on this blog that I had received a letter from my parents regarding my name change. They told me if I didn’t change it back, my legal documents would be invalid and that they would never call me by my name. They had a point. But they do call … Continue reading


We’re just gonna say this as straightforward as we can – we’ll never think of you or call you anything other than [Former FNAME], [Former FNickname]! Your news about legally changing your name is heartbreaking! We don’t understand why you’re doing this but it deeply hurts just the same. Are you saying you don’t want … Continue reading